Live performance streaming everywhere without limits!
Live performance streaming everywhere without limits!

DJ APP - "STREAMBOX" helps you to download your favourite tracks from the MUSIC WORX website to your own disk drive and access them on all your devices, including: our DJ mixing software "MIXWORX".

Stream over 3 million tracks directly into the Streambox software. Your complete collection and playlists, downloaded directly into your streambox, are ready to use online or offline. No matter if you have an internet connection or if the internet is down during the gig, the software never lets you down.





Simply download an unlimited number of tracks from our platform and your favorite tracks to your disk drive. With a PRO subscription you get many hours of music at the push of a button. Our curators have already sorted out the most important and best tracks for you. You'll find those tracks on HYPE and STAFF PICKS pages.  You can test all tracks first with the audience and buy them afterwards if you wish. 

With our free software MIXWORX you can mix your whole library. No matter if it is the stream tracks or your existing audio collection. With MIXWORX you always have everything with you, online and offline. 
Activate a Midi Controller Mapping from our list of 72 Controllers. Or link your CD player from Pioneer, Denon, Numark or Stanton. You can also mix your streams via timecode vinyl on your turntables or timecode CDs on any CD player. Mixing the cool vinyl feeling of the past with streams is a special feeling.
You can prepare your streams anytime and anywhere before every performance. No matter if you enter ratings or comments either in the STREAMBOX or in MIXWORX, you have the same information everywhere. In MIXWORX you set cue points for each track, which are stored in the stream.

Our DJ Streaming is designed for beginners as well as for advanced DJs. With the two free tools STREAMBOX and MIXWORX you are able to start DJing immediately. Our Timecode Vinyls and CDs are compatible with Serato, Mixvibes and Traktor Scratch.

Create your own playlists with over 3 million tracks from our curated catalog. Create playlists by artist, remixer, label or genre. With our Following tool you always have your favorite labels or artists in view. Also create your DJ Top10, which we promote through our social media network. Other users can simply follow you and get your new Top10 directly into their Followings.
Our experts create playlists for almost every genre, so you can find the coolest tracks of the week faster.

Start now with our DJ streaming and save money and time by finding good music. Our experts work for you and pick the best out of the immense number of tracks. Our motto "quality instead of quantity" has the highest priority.

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