A short introduction of the new Music Worx.
A short introduction of the new Music Worx.

After over a year of programming, we have launched our new state of the art website, which offers unimagined possibilities. First of all DJ streaming, with which we will revolutionize offline streaming with our own streaming software STREAMBOX. Linked to our own DJ mix software MIXWORX, you can start right away and go live.

Additionally we also offer downloads. Our catalogue is updated daily, so we will soon have over 3 million songs for streaming and downloading. With the flexible software MIXWORX you can either stream the entire Music Worx music library or mix the downloads. With the STREAMBOX Music Worx users can enjoy endless performance possibilities.

Promotions and promo releases will continue to be available for download. With the LITE subscription you will have unlimited access to these tracks and continue to receive all promotions. Here we explain the most important areas on MusicWorx and show you how to get to your music most efficiently.

Every DJ has his own strategy for finding the right tracks. We’ve included a number of filters and lists that will save you a lot of time. Whether you check in every week or sporadically look for new music. With our tools you can be sure that you won’t miss anything. Our top priority is to make it easy to browse the website and help you find good tracks in your genre. Every track has been listened to by our experts and uploaded to MusicWorx.

For the labels and producers, everything remain the same. You can upload and promote your releases just like before. All statistics will also remain the same. If your releases are delivered through one of our distribution partners, you can decide whether you want to continue uploading the tracks directly or whether they will be distributed through the distribution in the future.

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