Our Christmas Gifts For You
Our Christmas Gifts For You

We thank you all and wish you a happy holiday season and a good start into a better 2021. May music make us believe in a positive world again next year and finally bury this pandemic forever.

We know that all artists are currently going through the worst time in their history. Many have lost family and friends or are indirectly affected by the pandemic. Hope dies last and so does music. 

Keep making good music, go to your studios and create new things, try to look at it positively and keep living your dream. There will come a better time. 

As a thank you we have put together two discount packages for you.

One is a discount on promotions with 40% discount and one is 35% discount on PRO Streaming subscriptions for 6 months. 

We think that you can save some money without having to give up our services.


Link to the promotions 


Link to PRO subscriptions