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We offer mappings for 72 Controller.
We offer mappings for 72 Controller.

MIXWORX is curently implemented to use the open source software Mixxx. MIXWORX was adapted to our own needs, especially to provide streaming over the STREAMBOX.
MIXWORX has all the tools and functions that DJs need to perform creative and professional live mixes with digital music files. Whatever the DJ works with a laptop or he is an experienced turntable user. Mixxx supports all the existing mixing techniques.

MIDI and HID controller support
Included presets for controllers such as Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, Pioneer DDJ-SB2, Hercules DJ consoles, Allen & Heath Xone K2 and many others.

Programmable Mapping Engine
Tinkerers can adapt the controller mappings with the full flexibility of the JavaScript programming language. MIDI or HID messages can be mapped to user-defined functions that perform complex behavior. 

In order to support the features of many MIDI controllers, Mixworx offers what we call MIDI Scripting (introduced in Mixxx v1.7.0). It enables MIDI controls to be mapped to QtScript (also known as Javascript/EMCAScript) functions, allowing mappings to manage complex behaviors. These user-created functions can then do anything desired with the MIDI event info such as affect different controls depending on whether another button is pressed, adjust incoming control values to work better with Mixxx (i.e. for scratching), send messages to LED displays on the controller, or even turn a 2 deck controller into a 4 deck controller.

JavaScript is mostly used for programming complex functionality in Web pages. There are many tutorials online, such as W3Schools, aimed at people who have never programmed before. However, understanding them may require understanding HTML, the language used to write Web pages. HTML is fairly simple and easy to learn the basics. It is very similar to XML, the language used for Mixxx's MIDI controller mapping file format. The #additional examples section at the bottom of this page is aimed at people with little or no programming experience. It has examples for common uses of MIDI scripting to help get you started writing code in an organized and maintainable way from the start. This will make it easier for you and other people to edit the code later.

Source: djstream.music-worx.com/controller-midi/