You can now upload your Music Worx tracks directly to your Dropbox.
You can now upload your Music Worx tracks directly to your Dropbox.

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The service means DJs with a subscription to the rekordbox Creative or Professional plan, and access to CDJ-3000s connected to an internet router, can be less dependent on their storage device. With many DJs backing up their music archive to the cloud in case a storage device goes missing, the new protocol grants direct access to this track collection, complete with metadata for saved hot cues, loops and playlists, without needing to download and store files.

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With the 1.6 update to their Engine Prime OS and Prime media players, however, Denon DJ is bringing cloud storage synchronicity to their full range of standalone hardware and track preparation software.

In practice, DJs can now sync their music playlists and folders directly to their personal Dropbox accounts from within the Engine Prime export software or via standard file drag and drop. Once those tracks have been uploaded, users can step up to an internet-connected player and log into their Dropbox account on the device, using their phone for two-factor account authentication.

The player will download a database directory of the Dropbox library, with tracks pulled from the cloud individually when selected for playback. A connected physical storage device is still necessary to cache the track downloads, but a single SD card or flash drive can be left in the player for any DJ to use. Denon’s latest SC6000 series, like the standalone Prime 2 and 4 units, support an internal SSD which can also function as the cache storage.