Anti-p.l.u.r-Hypnotic State Of Techno (h.s.o.t)

Hypnotic State Of Techno (h.s.o.t)


Spice Of Life Entertainment

Techno / Deep / Raw


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Spice Of Life Entertainment



Inspired From Various Old School Techno Artists This Little Piece Looks To En-capture The Sounds From Techno's Glory Days. The Days Of Hypnotic, Rhythmic Beats And Luscious Pads And Keys And Sexy, Sexy Voices. In An Ironic Twist Of Fate, The Song Itself Would Have To Be Labelled Under A Completely Different Genre To Part Take In Today's Modern Genre Labelling System. That Doesn't Matter. There Is No Use Of Labels Where Great Music Is Concerned. Call It Techno, Call It Progressive. Call It What Ever You Like. Play It. Share It. Watch Your Crowds Reactions. Let Us Know.