Rob Jones TV, Ralphi Rosario-Burn Up In Flames

Burn Up In Flames

Rob Jones TV, Ralphi Rosario

Stickman Records



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Stickman Records



Most people will know 'ROB JONES' the Bass Player / Vocalist from UK Indie / Brit-Pop chart band MISSING ANDY. The group that he still LOVES touring, writing, recording and releasing music with. MISSING ANDY has toured in some amazing places around the world, to an ever growing and very loyal fan-base, MISSING ANDY new album #4 coming its way in 2022. Rob also has his solo career under his name “ROB JONES TV”, with his most recognised hit and collaboration release with DIZZEE RASCAL entitled “BE INCREDIBLE” on his latest album E3AF. Coming from a predominately music orientated background, it was very challenging starting from the bottom, proving he had what it took to succeed and let no one stand in the way of his dreams. “Burn up in Flames” out now on Stickman Records is an Ostereo publishing venture with producer Gino Olivieri & Patrick Moreno with a cool 80’s vibe with remixes by Ralphi Rosario.