Pulsedriver, Talla  2XLC-Cambodia (talla 2xlc Remix)

Cambodia (talla 2xlc Remix)

Pulsedriver, Talla 2XLC

Technoclub Retro

Trance - Psy Trance



Technoclub Retro



Technoclub Retro brings back to life the stunning Cambodia by Pulsedriver with brand new Talla 2XLC uplifting remix. One of the biggest dance hits of 2000 is back with the uplifting remix that really deserves as Talla 2XLC stays true to the incredible energy of the original and turn it into a huge full on hands in the air euphoric trance anthem for the modern floors. Banging bass, thumping kicks and superb layers of colorful synths playing underneath the solid foundation that drives the track forward till the very inspiring breakdown. The vocal will bring shivers to all the old tranceheads and will touch the new generation of trance followers. The climax is truly unstoppable solid and to the point so you can expect mad reactions from the dedicated crowd. The package includes a nice dub mix for those who wish to play less vocals in their DJ sets. The beloved Cambodia by Pulsedriver with Talla 2XLC remix is out now on Technoclub Retro.