Tillmann Uhrmacher, Talla  2XLC-On The Run (talla 2xlc Remix)

On The Run (talla 2xlc Remix)

Tillmann Uhrmacher, Talla 2XLC

Technoclub Retro

Trance - Psy Trance



Technoclub Retro



Talla 2XLC on Technoclub Retro presents his brilliant update of the treasured trance classic On The Run by the late Tillmann Uhrmacher. His 2023 outstanding version stays very close to the aesthetics and feels of Tillman’s version. Pumping pulsating basslines, thumping kicks and on the top the dreamy guitar riff combined with these “Chicane” Ibiza style melodies full of sun, sea and summer sweaty club nights memories. The breakdown is long and atmospheric with the brilliant guitar riffs, distorted male robotic style spoken vocals, airy female snippets and calming soothing ambient sound effects. The main synthy hook drives the track all the way in the exceptional floating climax as you abandon your soul free to reach the highest highs travelling from coast to coast. Goosebumps, shivers and even tears are guaranteed aftereffects of this beauty for those who adore their trance simple, emotional, sensual and sensitive. On The Run by Tillmann Uhrmacher remixed by Talla 2XLC is out now.