Luke Mornay Feat. Roxy Horner, AL-Faris & Superfinger-Shady


Luke Mornay Feat. Roxy Horner, AL-Faris & Superfinger

GR8 AL Music

Deep House


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GR8 AL Music



By Grammy nominated Luke Mornay & Topmodel Roxy Horner. Incl melodic and uplifting house mxs by AL-Faris & Superfinger (Drizzly, Tonspiel/WePlay, TommyBoy, Traxx Chicago, Raison...) As a top model and singer /songwriter, Roxy naturally attracts the attention of other celebrities. In her late teens, she dated the international pop star Taio Cruz for two years. She has also worked with the likes of Duran Duran on their supermodel Girl Panic video. Roxy featured in the video along side of some of the top international super models Naomi Campbell , Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford . LUKE MORNAY also known as Luke Mourinet ( Ruff & Jam, Fortun8 Fellaz (Southern Fried),Street Angels...) With Grammy Nominated work Luke Mourinet has been turning heads with his remix skills since 1991. Starting out as a weekend club DJ in Paris, he soon relocated to London to serve as a French market talent scout, songwriter and recording enginer for Pete Waterman Entertainment.