Lady Indiraa, Block & Crown, Soulshaker , Andy Galea-Shrink '21

Shrink '21

Lady Indiraa, Block & Crown, Soulshaker , Andy Galea

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The new release from LADY INDIRAA, the sensation blending Indian music with dance floor energy is SHRINK 21. this single entitled ‘Shrink’ by the highly creative artist, songwriter and foodie, Lady Indiraa, hit high in the UK’s Music Week Top 100 Club Charts and went on to create a solid buzz on dance floors worldwide. Initially produced by those house music legends, Soulshaker, we now bring you some mixes for 2021 by more super hot names from the house music world, namely Block & Crown (aka Adri Blok / Luca Debonaire), Andy Galea, and a fresh mix from Billboard #1 Producer Soulshaker. At a time where many of us have suffered from mental issues, this song ‘Shrink’ is poignant to say the least.Shrink 21 already charted in the UK * #5 Music Week Commercial Pop Charts *#1 King Of Spins