Talla 2xlc, Metta & Glyde-The Oasis (metta & Glyde Remix)

The Oasis (metta & Glyde Remix)

Talla 2xlc, Metta & Glyde

That's Trance!

Trance / Psy Trance


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That's Trance!



Oasis by Paragliders aka Oliver Lieb is considered as one of the foundational tracks in the trance history. Talla 2XLC manage to update the original perfectly and in 2022 the sage continues with the techish remix by Metta & Glyde on Talla’s remake. For 8 satisfying minutes their version has all their usual strong elements of bouncy cracking basslines, thunderous mechanical drums and huge long atmospheric luscious breakdown with piano chords, female trance voices and the huge original melody that explodes out of the box and make you scream instantly. Oasis is haunting and highly spiritual track with exciting Metta & Glyde remix not to be overlooked and is out now on That’s Trance.