Sevi Ettinger, Stonebridge -We Can Be The Universe (stonebridge Mixes)

We Can Be The Universe (stonebridge Mixes)

Sevi Ettinger, Stonebridge

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Sevi Ettinger is a 18 year old singer-songwriter from the United States who, at the age of 10, moved to Shanghai. Despite being on a different continent, when she was only 14, she wrote the song “Salty Water”, which was later heard by Phillip Jarrell, the hit singer-songwriter of the #1 Billboard hit, “Torn Between Two Lovers”. Shortly after, Jarrell played Sevi's music to Jeff Bova, the Grammy Award-winning producer for Celine Dion’s “Falling Into You” album. Bova has worked with other famous artists including, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, and Cyndi Lauper, but took a chance with, at that time, 15 year old Sevi and produced her first EP, Salty Water. In 2019, Sevi worked with DJ Shaan, India’s #1 Most Followed DJ and first artist from India to sign with Virgin/EMI Records. DJ Shaan produced Sevi's 2019 release, "Universe". In 2020, Sevi teamed up with multi-platinum producer, David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman, Duran Duran, Bryan Adams) to work on new recordings and released “Dear Me” a