Talla 2xlc-Welcome To The Future

Welcome To The Future

Talla 2xlc

That's Trance!

Trance / Psy Trance



That's Trance!



We know that you eagerly waiting for the next Talla 2XLC masterpiece that just landed on That’s Trance. Welcome To The Future is an excellent rework of Schiller’s side project Nova released in 1999. You can expect magnificent uplifting euphoric trancer with infectious earth shuttering and ground shaking main melody. Welcome To The Future employs psy trance sharp basslines, punchy booming kicks and classic trance percussion to create its intense drive while on top piano chords, gated trancy voices and nice synthy hooks are added to create a starling infectious result. The breakdown is a magnificent cinematic journey with warm strings, airy pads, spacey sound effects and beautiful spoken female vocals describing our aim for a better brighter hopeful future. The finest highlight of the track is the incredible euphoric synthy riff that has the unique darkness and melodramatic moody but still euphoric tones. It’s climax is all about this unforgettable melody supported from additional mel