Getting started with Music Worx

  • You register as DJ, Label, Producer or Music Consumer on the Music Worx website. The various options are depending on the membership you choose
  • You get a 30 days free access. For Labels and Producers the membership is free.


  • After you're registered as DJ or Radio station, you are able to download tracks by giving first a feedback. You must fill out our feedback form.
  • The selected tracks will be ready in the download box and are administrated there.
  • To download the tracks click the download button.
  • We recommend to save your tracks on your desktop or on a folder.
  • The donwloaded tracks are only for you personally and its not possible to copy or share them with other persons.
  • The tracks you download are MP3 files in 320 kbps quality and have universal compatibility with all player and burning software.


  • As label or producer you add releases on Music Worx when ever you want. When you SUBMIT the upload you agree to our Terms&Conditions and our Label Agreement which is valid for label and producer

Copy protection

  • We inform you that the files are watermark protected and identifies you as original downloader. If these files are found on P2P websites and be traced to you, could lead to criminal prosecution.
  • Against piracy of music industry. It’s a privilege to download music from Music Worx.

Charts - submitting your top 10

  • Professional, Club and Radio DJs submit weekly their Top10 Charts for creating the official Top 50 Week Charts.
  • Music Worx is a service and a commitment to the music industry which do the creation of the International and National Charts.
  • The Top10 are listed in the DJ Playlist on the website. This Top10 of each DJ can be share on all relevant social networks as Facebook, Twitter and many others.

Changing your password

  • Go to your profile and click the EDIT button. There you can change your password or other information of your profile. Never give your password out to other people ! Music Worx is not responsable of abuses of your account.


  • You as Label or Producer are able to see and download on statistics all informations about your release. This is a helpfull tool to plan future marketing activities or find out which of your release has potential. The statistics are created from the feedbacks and download rates of the DJs


  • We accept all relevant Credit Cards as VISA, American Express and Masterdard. It is also possible to use PayPal for secure transactions

MP3 issues

  • All digital music files are available as a 320 mp3. This is highest quality bitrate used by DJ’s. Bitrates can be lowered for uses other.
  • Notice : It is against the law to share music. There is zero tolerance policy on this issue. Digital files on Music Worx are watermarked. Your membership will be suspended If any MP3s you have shared are found on an illegal P2P file sharing site.

Problems downloading my tracks

  • A conflict between our site and your software may create an issue. Deleting cookies from your browser, allowing pop-ups on our site and placing us in your list of trusted sites will avoid this issue. McAfee Privacy Service and ZoneAlarm require settings to be adjusted. Mozilla Firefox may conflict with the download process.

Download frequency

  • Since you have one opportunity to download your tracks you will have to renew your tracks if you are having downloading problems. Back up all your music.

Confidentiality of personal data

  • We send you only emails that you have opted in for. We will not sell your information to a third party.

Registration Confirmation

  • Email Confirmation may have been delivered to your junk mail and spam filters. If not please contact [email protected]

Forgot password

  • Click the 'Forgot Password?' link next to the login section. Enter the original sign up email address. We will send your password to this email address.

Registration Rules

All with red * stars hast to be fillout!

User Type
  • You have to select your user type
  • Your Email is the username
  • The password must contain at least 6 characters and must have 1 number, 1 small letter and 1 capital letter
  • Example password : Deeja1
Profile Picture
  • Your picture needs the size 500 x 500 pix on 72dpi resolution in JPG format
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Music Genres
  • Please select at least 1 and max. 5 genres
  • Select our Terms&Conditions
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