Misses Hudinika & Voice Malooza-Extreme Ep

Extreme Ep

Misses Hudinika & Voice Malooza

Digital Room Records

Techno / Deep / Raw


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Digital Room Records



Misses Hudinika. One of Austria's craziest and hottest DJane's. Under this name is nobody else than Miss Mabuka. Her DJ-Sets are always exciting more and more people and the audience is always getting bigger and bigger. Wherever she is playing a gig, always more and more people are coming and celebrating with her a big party. And now she is back with her next 2 Club Bombs: Extreme EP contents 2 amazing Techno - Tracks which are really extreme and this is what she is. Crazy, loud, funny and beautiful. Her EP tells you the story of Misses Hudinika. All Tracks have a phat deep bass where you automatically start to dance, when you are listening to her songs and you can feel the positive energy from Misses Hudinika.