DJ Cosmin, Emencee, Ole Bott, Ammagin, SimonErics-I  Met You

I Met You

DJ Cosmin, Emencee, Ole Bott, Ammagin, SimonErics




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"I Met You" is the official song for the Schlaraffenklang Festival, the first EDM festival happening in Würzburg, Germany in september 2021. This track is a super positive message of togetherness, joy and pleasure that aims at getting to know new people and partying again soon. DJ Cosmin - among others known for his singles "Brother", "Milkshake" and the song "Luck Is" released last year, peaked in the German Airplay Charts and for several weeks in the top 20 of the DJ charts. Ammagin (Yamadzhi) - is a well-known music performer & music producer who is already very popular in Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and has just received his first platinum award there. DJ Emencee is a DJ & producer of Tropical House and EDM, Ole Bott a well-known DJ in southern Germany with international appearances. Simon Erics - is a Swedish singer, received a gold record from Warner Music for his hit "Waiting For The Sun". Let's celebrate again soon , we'll meet !! Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah .... ;-)