HeadtedXchange, Samantha Mera, Dave Aude, Maff Boothroyd , Dark Intensity-Outbreak (the Remixes)

Outbreak (the Remixes)

HeadtedXchange, Samantha Mera, Dave Aude, Maff Boothroyd , Dark Intensity

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heatedXchange began as a production collaboration between vocalist, Samantha Mera, and guitarist, Rob Spampinato, collectively writing, composing, and performing songs of all genres. Music has been in their blood for as long as they can remember. Samantha has been writing, recording, and performing professionally since she was 14 years old and Rob’s history of writing, recording, and touring with several original bands has spanned over 20 years. Within this collaborative effort, all of the writing, producing, instrumental performances, vocals and video recordings are also produced by heatedXchange. With a love of both modern rock and electronic music, heatedXchange has found a very unique way of blending the two together and is paving the way for a fresh, new sound. heatedXchange draws from an eclectic mix of hard rock guitars, lush synthesizers, epic vocal harmonies, strong hooks and autobiographical lyrics. “Outbreak” is part of multiple upcoming projects. The dance remixes will be p