Andreas Kraemer & Slt, Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly-Research Ep

Research Ep

Andreas Kraemer & Slt, Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly

Construct Rhythm

Techno / Deep / Raw


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Construct Rhythm



Andreas Kraemer & SLT - Research EP - 4 phenomenal tracks, 3 of which are originals and 1 remix of the main track Trancendance by Jens Lissat & Christoph Pauly Andreas Kraemer & SLT premieres his techno to the music world. Andreas is known since the 90s and also for his collaborations-project, 'Junk Project'. Andreas is a pioneer from past till now in the electronic music scene and specially in Belgium and the Netherlands, he has a big name with his trance and hardtrance productions from the past . he still got huge support with old productions , so djs like Nina Kravitz , Miss Djax , Deborah de Luca and much more are still dropping his Junk Project releases. Paul van Dyk self-signed one of Andreas projects (Solid Sleep/Drizzly Record) to Vandit and remixedit by self with also big success.