Benji Candelario, Masi, Eric Kupper, Gino Olivieri-I Know You Feel The Same

I Know You Feel The Same

Benji Candelario, Masi, Eric Kupper, Gino Olivieri

Stickman Records




Stickman Records



"I Know You Feel The Same" by Masi, produced by Benji Candelario, is like a fusion of musical generations, blending the classic soulful vibes of Benji's signature style and with Masi's contemporary energy. It's a track that pays homage to the roots of house music while injecting it with a fresh, vibrant spirit that's perfect for both the radio waves and the pulsating atmosphere of the dance floor. Eric Kupper's classic house version takes the track to another level, infusing it with that timeless groove that transcends borders and generations. From New York to London, this remix is sure to keep the party going strong, drawing dancing feet away from the walls and onto the floor with its infectious rhythm and irresistible beat. With live instruments, powerful vocals, (and no samples), "I Know You Feel The Same" is a testament to the authenticity and creativity of the artists involved. Stickman Records clearly knew they had a hit on their hands from the first listen.