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Sometimes known as the father of house music, Jefferson was originally a DJ, who exchanged mix tapes with friends from the Chicago Post Office, some of whom appeared on “The House Music Anthem” Jefferson's 1986 single, including Curtis McClain, another DJ, who eventually sang lead vocals. The first house song to feature piano as a lead instrument, it was a popular and influential song in the genre. It also started use of the word “anthem” to describe uplifting songs. During the late-1980s heyday of house music Marshall recorded solo and collaborative material under various names such as Virgo, Jungle Wonz, Truth and On The House. Jefferson's deep house productions include songs by CeCe Rogers and Sterling Void, and Ten City's first two albums. In March 1987, the British music magazine NME reported that Jefferson and Frankie Knuckles were in the UK for the first house-music tour. "Move Your Body" first appeared in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.