Enjoy daily new playlists and special selected music just for you!
Enjoy daily new playlists and special selected music just for you!
We offer our services to Music Professionals and Music Consumers. You are able to browse, listen, share, buy, stream, promote and download music all on one platform. Music Worx is the market leader with it’s website and features. There is no comparable platform that combines all these functions.
As a Music Consumer you’re able to stream high quality selected music. We only give you access of finest selection of Electronic Music, Dance, Urban, Chillout and Latino. We use our own audio player which is fix on the Website. He keeps the playlist until you log out and he shows you all information needed including the cover picture.
We create our weekly Top 50 International and National Charts from our DJ’s votings. Also a DJ Playlist and DJ Top10 is submitted weekly. The Music Genres we serve are Dance, House, Deep House, Electro, Minimal, HipHop, R&B, Tech House, Trance, Techno, Chillout, Dubstep, Progressive, Lounge, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Breakbeat, Latin and Reggae.
Stream and buy music as new services on Music Worx.
We have start our own streaming service in 2020 where we serve Music Professionals and Music Consumers. You can download offline your streams and play the tracks with your App. Create your own playlists and play them over all devices. As a Music Professional you’re able to mix all tracks live in the Club. Get our DJ Stream Application for Desktops for free. It connects you with most known Mix Softwares similar to Traktor, VirtualDJ, Mixvibes or Serato. With Music Worx PRO, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to mix your favourite tracks. You simply download them offline to our DJ Stream Application STREAMBOX and start mixing with your DJ Mix Software .Music Professionals have also the ability to buy quality music as mp3 or WAV. Our team is selecting only quality music to upload to the platform. DJ’s will spend less time to finding more suitable tracks to their needs.
Why choose Music Worx
– Access to millions of songs for download and streaming.
– 50K+ PROMO tracks and promotions to download for free.
– Monthly 1K tracks to download for free
– Simple handling on the website if you want to download or stream.
– Easily manage your library on the website and desktop app.
– Download unlimited tracks for offline streaming.
– Best audio quality for FLAC streaming.
– All your tracks will be downloaded to your harddisk.
– Receive our free app STREAMBOX where you can prepare and organize your library and 
– For PROs they get our free software MIXWORX where they can start mixing right 
– Mix your streams with timecode vinyls or CDs like before.
– Over 80 Midi controllers that are already pre-installed.
– Stream your entire library and playlists in our own mobile app (Android and IOS)

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