Nils Van Zandt & Funk D-Instant Moments

Instant Moments

Nils Van Zandt & Funk D

BIP Records

Big Room



BIP Records



Experience the electrifying fusion of nostalgia and cutting-edge beats as Nils van Zandt & Funk D breathe new life into R.O.O.S.'s iconic "Instant Moment"! This timeless classic has transformed with a tantalizing techno twist, ready to shake Tomorrowland's stage in 2024. As the masterminds behind this sonic renaissance, they'll captivate with a performance defying time and genre boundaries. Step into a realm where past melodies collide with future rhythms, crafting an unmatched sonic experience resonating in dance music enthusiasts' hearts. Join Nils van Zandt at Tomorrowland, guiding listeners on a journey etched in memories. And catch Funk D's electrifying DJ sets, igniting global dance floors with infectious energy and skill.