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Time To Stand Up

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"TIME TO STAND UP" - is another protest anthem by MAGNUS. It's about "standing up" and fighting back. Don't put up with everything. It's time to wake up. It's time to stand up and show civil disobedience. If "wrong" is to become "right" then it is time for people to say NO. The renewed message from MAGNUS is: We know what you have done and we will not put up with it anymore! Again there is a radio version as well as a club version with dance and house influences. The song has a strong rhythm that makes the listener join in. The song was mixed in New York at "hi5music". The text says everything you should know. The music video for the song was created by the well-known Ukrainian artist Taras Merenkov in cooperation with MAGNUS. the music video and the song is a clear protest against what globalists and so-called transhumanists intend to do with this world. The video for the song is therefore artistically very demanding and worth seeing.