Carl Clarks-Adagio For Strings

Adagio For Strings

Carl Clarks

audiosushi a division of ZYX Music

Melodic House - Tech


audiosushi a division of ZYX Music



He just released his highly anticipated release with Robbie Rivera on May 3rd, and now he's resurrecting an old track of his. We're talking about “Adagio For Strings” by Samuel Barber. Carl Clarks had already released a version of this piece in Holland in 2022, and now he has prepared a second version for you. We already know the version from 2022, and that was already very well produced, with a touch of surprise in the mix. This time he has surprised us again, but see for yourself! On May 31, 2024, the new track by Carl Clarks entitled “Adagio For Strings” will be available on all platforms. We can already promise you that the beat really packs a punch. The start makes you curious, in any case the track is simply sick and beautifully trancy, but at the same time it pushes forward well.