Marisa Turner-Don't Need To Know Your Name

Don't Need To Know Your Name

Marisa Turner

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Bip Records



DON’T NEED TO KNOW YOUR NAME - 25th ANNIVERSARY REMIX! One of the biggest voices of the 90’s is back in 2024 with brand new remixes of her iconic 1998 hit DON’T NEED TO KNOW YOUR NAME. Marisa Turner had been around for a long time already, in the 90s, before teaming up with legendary German producer and songwriter Joachim Heider (Weather Girls, Marianne Rosenberg, David Hasselhoff,…). After having scored a handful of European clubhits with tracks such as “Who’s Gonna Kiss That Man” and “Deeper In The Night”, Detroit-based Marisa hit big time with DON’T NEED TO KNOW YOUR NAME. The track hit the singles-charts in many European countries and went on to become one of the biggest holiday-clubhits in the Summer of 1999. Following the success of this tune, she released a full-album and several other chart-hitting singles (People 2 People, last Night). 25 years on, Marisa is still performing all around the world and is ready for a massive re-release of her classic club-anthem.