Maurizio Basilotta, Discover., DJ Vartan, Techcrasher, Tachcrasher-Gypsy Woman

Gypsy Woman

Maurizio Basilotta, Discover., DJ Vartan, Techcrasher, Tachcrasher

Which Bottle?




Which Bottle?



A collaboration of two Russian artists Dj Vartan and Techcrasher for a very short time proved itself as masters of house music! Without exaggeration: their music received supports from all platforms in several genres (Top 100, Charts, Playlists) and a lot of legends of House music said enough good words about them. Right now guys prepared something really special for «Which Bottle?» and for all house music lovers! Their new remix of «Gypsy Woman» from Maurizio Basilotta & DiscoVer. is a simply amazing masterpice that balanced between Ibiza atmosphere and vocal anthem of all time. Performed in a great quality of production this tune is worth to linger in your Dj bag or a playlist. You know every word in this song, just pump the volume up and spin in the dance!