Kodamo’s ‘bit masking’ hardware synth, MASK 1, is on its way

Kodamo's has announced its ‘bit masking’ hardware synth, the MASK 1.
Kodamo's has announced its ‘bit masking’ hardware synth, the MASK 1.

A 10-voice polysynth built using the French company's new Bitmask™ synthesis — a method that splits a sine wave into multiple parts before rearranging them in different ways to build the final waveform. The result is complex and rich waveforms "that are perfect for the resonant filter", promising a "warm and gritty tone".

The MASK 1 engine itself comprises two oscillators with 200 built-in waveforms powered by the Bitmask™ synthesis technology. Other features of the MASK 1 include two multi-wave LFOs routed to 15 modulation destinations in addition to a noise generator. Control comes via a 61-key Fatar keyboard that responds to velocity and aftertouch.

Kodamo has also introduced a feature that enables the synth to slur between notes held in a chord to bring “great melodic expressivity while playing chords simultaneously". Find out more from the Kodamo site and watch a demo video (in French) below. The launch date has yet to be announced.

Back in May, Oberheim announced the launch of a new polysynth called the OB-X8, featuring sounds from some of Oberheim’s most iconic synths, such as the OB-X, OB-8 and OB-Xa (a defining sound of ’80s pop and r&b, with famous users including Prince, 

Depeche Mode, Stevie Nicks and Jimmy Jam). The new version — OB-X8 — features select components of these originals, including a mixture of filter types, allowing you to blend characteristics of the original series.