Niel Degas Ft Scarlett, Block & Crown, Dark Intensity, Ricadro Geldres-Braveheart


Niel Degas Ft Scarlett, Block & Crown, Dark Intensity, Ricadro Geldres

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Niel Degas ft Scarlett - Braveheart What sets Niel apart from others is his unmatched versatility as an artist. He seamlessly blends various genres to create a unique and captivating sound that leaves his listeners wanting more. His debut EP, 'Don't Need You' featuring the talented Scarlett , is a testament to his exceptional production skills. The EP's catchy rhythms and danceable melodies earned it a spot in the Beatport Top 10 for several consecutive weeks, solidifying Niel's place in the industry as a rising star. A year later the artists have united again for a new release called 'Braveheart'. 'Braveheart' is an inspirational track with a composition that delves into the themes of courage and resilience, urging listeners to confront oppression and overcome life's challenges, that draw from the artist's personal experiences. The inception of Braveheart emerged as a result of Niel's exploratory approach, delving into new musical territories. '