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Inside Out 2020

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The new MAGNUS single "INSIDE OUT 2020" is here! The latest single INSIDE OUT 2020 is in the style of the previous successful singles Do Not Cry and Lascivious, which could be found in many charts and also became radio hits. These singles reached # 1 on the iTunes sales charts in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Germany there was # 1 in the dance genre for Do Not Cry and # 1 for Lascivious in the official Billboard charts in the Netherlands. MAGNUS is also showing its great creativity with the latest music video for the single INSIDE OUT 2020. MAGNUS has once again dedicated itself to the subject of art and takes the viewer into a fantastic world full of fantasy, magic and colors. When pop meets art, it is usually a new work by MAGNUS that shows once again that he has no interest in banalities in music. The last 7 singles “Time To Change” - “Lascivious” - “Do Not Cry” - “Givin It Up” - “Out” - “Higher And Higher” as well as “Memories Of Cinnamon” were all hits in various charts. There were top 10 and some # 1 placements in the iTunes sales charts as well as in the dance and club charts worldwide and the renowned Billboard charts. The songs reached thousands of radio airplays in over 38 countries. The latest single "INSIDE OUT 2020" has the potential to continue these successes.